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October 16th, 2015, 1:25 am

Batman: Black and White Volume 4 review...

Based on this graphic novel I can assume Batman: Black and White is an anthology series. I personally like DC's unwrapped hardcover line, having purchased three titles in the series. So, when I saw this book missing it's dust jacket in the library I had to bring it home and look it over. Having read it over the course of the last three evenings, I can safely say this book would be a wonderful gift for collectors. With Batman: Black and White you quickly learn the names and artistic stylings of more than a dozen artists and writers, a brief history of their accomplishments and their influences.

This particular volume, as I cannot vouch for others, covered many themes of societal ills that could easily find a home on TV Series such as 'Law and Order' or Criminal Minds. At almost 300 pages, with a new story seemingly cropping up every eight to ten pages or so that's a lot of anthology. I don't want to spoil anything, but there are two stories that feature Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as clever anti-heros, one and a half stories which features Alfred as the man behind the mask of the Joker, in addition to stories featuring Manbat, Catwoman, and Clayface respectively. Not to mention two stories where Batman is defeated by the specter of death, only one of which elicits sympathy for the devil. However, I think the best part of the graphic novel was the revelation that; if Batman hauls you in for burglary, you can totally stop for ice cream on the way to the big house; an' you can expect legal aid if you did it for stereotypical Heinz moral dilemma reasons.

October 12th, 2015, 2:50 am

I read the Redwall graphic novel today...

Redwall is actually a pretty good, if not rushed, stand alone graphic novel. I became interested in Redwall when I saw a Ranma crossover on fanfiction(dot)net and discovered it was available on amazon's 'video on demand' service. If Redwall was free I might have watched it, but I like to try before I buy, and a quirky Secret of Nimh, American Tale, or Anitole knock off is not something I'm willing to take a risk on.

Luckily, I chanced upon a copy of the graphic novel at my local library. The story is about Mathias "I that I am" Martin. A humble monk who is the reincarnation of a great warrior, who is called to duty when 'Cluny the Scourge' leads his band of masochistic and coerced compatriots in an assault on Castle Redwall. In a story that's kind of like Ruroni Kenshin in the predictability department, the creators actually managed to set up several cultures besides the dynamic of the monks and badgers of redwall. It's not quite as entertaining or exciting as 'Bone,' but I can honestly say I was surprised when Mathias was swallowed whole by a cat three quarters of the way through the story.

I also watched 'Rise of the Guardians' today, it stands alone as probably the best remake of 'Santa vs. The Devil' I ever saw. Which isn't saying much since 'Santa vs. The Devil' was arguably the worst movie of all time. However, given the source material and the fact that it is a remake I believe Rise of the Guardians is a one viewing movie that earns a solid 3.5 gold stars. Definitely worth renting if you liked 'Wreck it Ralph.'

July 14th, 2015, 6:43 am

Trickster Tales Chapter Seven: Moshup's [Double Rainbow] Bridge

In much the same way one can prove the Kimono was developed in Greece, using this chapter of Trickster Tales I hope to now prove Leif Erikson brought the wonders of Technicolor ponies to America... For you see, there is this old Norse god known as Loki, who mothered a foal named slipper, who was sired by the horse of a frost giant. The giant was challenged to build a magnificent fortification for the gods within a fortnight. However, because the Norse gods were cheaper than the sale prices at Walmart for huffy bicycles, when it looked like the engineer was actually going to succeed in building the magnificent rainbow bridge before the time limit expired, they hired Loki to sabotage the frost giant in order to make sure he couldn't follow through. The best plan Loki could come up with was to transform herself into a mare in heat in order to draw away the stallion who was the frost giant's Girl Friday. And, once recovered, there was just no getting any work out of the stallion... because Freddy got fingered.

Loki, because she was impregnated, carried the foal to term and later gave birth to an eight legged technicolor pony. We know it was a technicolor pony because in Sweden they commemorate the first Dalecarlian horse, Sleipnir, with intricate wood carvings that have been the inspiration for marionettes and oaxacan folk art for centuries. While it is clear Slippy wasn't a pegasus, unicorn, or alicorn princess; one can easily see the first technicolor pony had extra appendages that could develop other vestigial properties with the right amount of magic and breeding. In the meantime, Loki's father Odin used Slipper as his personal steed because Slippy' was the fastest horse on eight legs.

Now, with as much certainty as the diligent editors at Encyclopedia Dramatica, I have uncovered the secret name of the frost giant. His name was Moshup, and he was a man. The rippingest, roaringest, fightin'est man that the sperm whales ever knew. Moshup was definitely a man, he was a big man. Moshup was such a manly man he fought giant crabs and built entire islands using their desiccated corpses. Anyway, one day, Moshup was approached by Cheepee. Cheepee was an ogre of a man, with purple skin, who challenged Moshup to build a bridge that would connect all the known islands of the world together before the first crow called out to signal the rising sun. Since Moshup had already built an island, where none but the bravest of rabbits feared to tread, he agreed. It goes without saying that Cheepee sabotaged and interfered with Moshup at every opportunity to keep him from finishing the bridge. And, since the dawning of a new day wasn't creeping up fast enough, Cheepee even went out of his way to personally kidnap a crow so as to establish his own daylight savings program. Having failed to finish building a bridge of legends Moshup simply gave up, and that's why you never heard of him before now... because Leif Erikson never gave up, Christopher Columbus never gave up, Francisco De Soto never gave up, and I'm sure you can thank your lucky stars for every explorer and engineer that never gave up.




July 11th, 2015, 12:09 pm

Marian Davis: Visual Design in Dress

I don't want to suggest that my teachers were withholding vital information, skills, or or tools. But, it occurs to me if you can't learn from the teacher you should at least be able to learn from the textbook. Of the dozens of art textbooks I've read in college covering subjects as varied as design, animation, story boarding, art history, editing, presentation, persuasion, and the like, I can honestly say this gem I managed to pick up at a local thrift store is by far and away the best book to teach visual design I have ever seen. Wow, I've only read five chapters and I've already gained a more extensive knowledge of how to use space, line, shape, and cross sensory perception than in six years of college. If you're a student, writer, or creator of visual design, I would definitely suggest picking up this book. The author withholds nothing, and knows how to inspire as well as teach.

June 24th, 2015, 6:17 am

Sam Rami's Murder of a Cat

I really want to like this movie. It's a fun movie even though I find the story and pacing are less interesting than Gore Verbinski's 'The Weatherman' starring Nicholas Cage. In fact, other than 'Chinatown' and what I assume is a subtle homage to Stephen King from Rami, I found myself thinking "The Weatherman' was such a good movie why am I watching this?" as one of the first thoughts that comes to mind while sitting through The Murder of a Cat. Which is a real tragedy since the film could have really benefited from more interaction with the straight man played by J.K. Simmons as Sherif Frank Hoyle. In fact, of Sam Rami's films that I've seen (even the low budget evil dead trilogy) this movie is so boring it's about as enthralling as 'The Son of the Mask.' In my not so humble opinion the only saving grace of this film is the quirky romance between the two owners of the prodigal cat Horatio M. Moisey. While altogether lacking in the supernatural, this film takes the cake when it comes to eccentric normality.

The main character of the movie is a failed business owner named Clinton Moisey. A man who currently lives with his mom selling comic books and hand carved figurines based on his mythical detective, a Dylan Dog knock off touting a cigarette smoking cat as his sidekick and familiar, from his mothers driveway. Sadly, I would much rather see Clinton's Fantasy as the premise for a movie or comic book store than this romance that makes 'Sleeping Dogs Lie' seem like the pinnacle of low budget comedy. In fact, I would rather see him struggling to keep his comic book store afloat than get ripped off by God and everybody panhandling outside his mother's garage.

Fran Kranz is a stumble-bum extrodinaire. However, his performance as the leading man couldn't save the overall story itself. And, he comes off more like he's live action role playing the Jamie Kennedy Experiment if he's not auditioning for Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous on MTV. The film's protagonist is, of course, in a stage of arrested development and suffering in a state of grief from the loss of his life partner who was murdered with the bolt of a crossbow. I could argue his motivations for growth and change, but his behavior following the death of his best friend is roughly what you would expect of a fifteen year old running around with a fedora, in tightie whities, while wearing an overcoat and beach sandals, with nothing for protection but a banana in his pocket and an electric cigarette in his mouth. The sad thing is this sort of comedy noir was done much better in tv shows, like 'Bored to Death' and 'Reaper,' that there's absolutely no positive evaluative language I can use to describe the 'Troll 2' levels of bad this steamer conjures in the mind.

Anyway, he learns that his cat was leading a double life as the kitty-pet of a hairdresser and fence working at the local assisted living facility. Naturally, as you'd expect of a strange man in an assisted living facility dressed in nothing but his underwear and a bathrobe while hiding in a lady's closet (clearly lacking the subtle charm gifted to the "Dude" of big Lebowski fame), he is quickly mistaken for a sexual predator and assaulted with blunt force by a half naked femme fatale named Greta wielding the lead pipe of a flautist. After being chased from the facility he quickly finds the sheriff to report he's solved the murder of his buddy. He does this several times throughout the film so that, in all honesty, by the time Clinton actually informs the sheriff that he's just jealous, < Sarcasm > because he's clearly a better detective than an officer of the law < / Sarcasm >, it does manage to spawn an almost chuckle. But, there is definitely a smirk of satisfaction.

I obviously don't want to spoil the story for you, yet it goes without saying, the last half hour of the movie definitely plays with your assumptions and relies on surprise more than suspense. Unfortunately, on that level as well, I found myself thinking of better movies that have done the same thing much better like 'Amos & Andrew' staring Nicholas Cage and Samuel L. Jackson. I watch this movie and kind of wonder if Sam Rami lost a bet with Quentin Tarantino, 'The Murder of a Cat' had some really good ideas and fun moments, but in the hands of Tarantino I suspect I would have enjoyed the story so much more. And, if a film leaves me thinking unreliable narrators like Tarantino and Verbinski can make a better movie than Sam Rami then I find myself kind of wondering what happened to make this movie crash so hard.

May 19th, 2015, 2:54 pm


((This is an example of a private message sent to me with no prior context…))

PM: How many fedora’s do you own?

ME: Hats? I own many hats. In fact, I have several hat boxes filled with props and disguises waiting for the day when I have my own photo booth. I’m sure my unborn children will love it; either that, or I‘ll have lots of fun in the bedroom some day. But, I’m more interested in collecting books and DVD’s because they’re cheaper. And, my dragon hoard is quite extensive. Sorry to say, I don’t have much in the way of jewelry as I’m more interested in owning part of another person’s soul. Books tend satisfy that need adequately :-)

Why do you ask?

PM: jesus christ man i didn’t ask for your life story

You’re so fucking autistic. Do you also say m’lady?

ME: No, I’m not autistic. I’m a GM. As in, “I’m playing with you because I believe in permissible deception.” And, in response to your question, I do say “Come M’lady, sugar butterfly, sugar baby.” when I sing along to the Orange County sound track… I’m actually quite sociable if you get to know me.

Insert forwarding address to you tube video…

PM: GM? Gand Monkey? That sounds Pretty autistic, as monkeys do not act different from autistic individuals. You are acting super autistic. You have to be one of the most autistic individuals I’ve met on the internet. You like My little pony and are pseudo-intellectual. Lol, F@$*king Autists.

ME: The fact that you don’t know what a GM is, says a lot about your interest in socializing with other people. Not to mention, it’s free structured learning therapy with the added benefit of teaching improvisation and acting. My current interest in Hasbro ponies and toys has more to do with learning about a religion, a subculture of humanity, and their social rituals. After all, if you want to be a success you have to study success.

I am a visual media graduate after all, so my interest in performing arts, people, and pop culture is quite extensive. I believe in behavioral management through the use of storytelling, games, public relations and seductive reasoning. And, in all honesty, I’m not opposed to using hypnosis, or persuasion tactics to get others to do what I want. I simply choose not to use them because the Othello error makes it more of a political maneuvering challenge without financial resources. The fact that I have an interest in more than three subjects would mean that I am not autistic, just socially awkward.

[ME:((This is of course would count as grandstanding or bluffing on my part since the only enthrallment skills I actually possess are captivate and persuade, hypnosis, sway emotions, and charisma are a bit out of my reach at the moment. Unless, of course, you count callously pissing people off and triggering negative social, psychological, and emotional feedback as leading emotions, and optimism as charisma. I do know some base level hypnotic suggestion, but it really only works if the other person likes you or is genuinely interested in buying the “idea” of something and really has more to do with persuasive closing or fast talking than anything else. The key element of which being genuine interest.))

Besides, I’m not prejudiced against individuals who are differently labeled. After all, Casanova was autistic and look what he accomplished. He invented the lottery, escaped from prison, became an ambassador, and memorized the names of all his sexual partners, romantic exploits, and died a librarian. Clearly, what a horrible comparison level for alternatives. Especially when they’ve done studies [((Carter and Nixon if I‘m not mistaken))] which indicate a person with an IQ of 80 can perform the most basic tasks necessary to function employed in a number of jobs ranging from healthcare, food service, factory work, and retail.
Even Benny Hill was rumored to be autistic and looked what he accomplished as the greatest minister of music in recent history. [((Not so sure about the source on this one, but I do recall a documentary mentioning he believed he had the intelligence of a 16 year old boy. May have been taken out of context.))] Truly a shame he brought so much happiness into this world and supposedly died friendless, penniless, and alone. In fact, the only thing wrong with being autistic is apparently having the audacity to have no real friends or social network and suffer the shame of leaving this world alone.

And, to think, there’s that final exam with GOD at the end where he only asks those few questions about your life, about law and order among other things, and an autistic person has to explain how they died inside more than a thousand times before they reached adulthood. Yes, I can see how it would be a tragedy to be made a scapegoat for the sins of mankind, a brother to every man, and, yet, have nothing to show for it in the end except acknowledging you were a complete waste of space or human resources. And, ultimately, served no purpose in life other than as an example of contempt, ridicule and humiliation for others.

Thank you for showing me the light you marvelous son of a bitch. I already knew I was the devil’s sooty brother, and king besides. I knew I was the son of all bastards. And, I knew I was descended from Cain, ask me again and I’ll tell you the same. Here’s the thing, as I live and breathe, I carry the weight of the holy ghost. And, you will hear these words echo with your conviction come hell or high water. I don’t know you, and I don’t want to know you. I don’t care about you any more than I care about a parasite or a virus. Find someone else to bully an harass, the devil always needs more hounds.

Insert forwarding link to Elvis Presley’s ‘You ain’t nothing but a hound dog.’

PM: LOL. you are seething in autism here. You see a cartoon made for 7 year old girls as a study of culture? What the F%$K!?

[ME:(( I do. Especially, if the concept was created, produced, directed, and written within my country by other artists from within my age group. I also like Futurama, The Simpsons, The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, House, Bones, PBS, ABC family, and USA television network programming. When I was younger I liked Batman, Power Rangers, Xena, Hercules, Seaquest DSV, the Disney Afternoon lineup, and Nickelodeon cartoons. Clearly, I have no taste. . .))

PM: You go off topic so much too, you cannot stay on point for more than a sentence or two without rambling nonsense. 90% of what you wrote there was totally irrelevant. I’d hate to see you write an essay! Your little spasm about hell and demons made me giggle.

[ME:((Well, I did graduate from college. So, what I lack in efficiency I must make up for with lots of hard work, patience, and effort. I mean, It would take me days of personal review, editing, verbalizing, not to mention hours of anxiety just staring at a blank screen with the realization I was a novice trying to prove I learned something that would be relevant to an expert… That can’t be near as difficult as trying to convince someone with attention deficit disorder they’re autistic. Then again, I know Pinkie Pie‘s sister has alexithymia so I guess I must have learned something. I actually find Maud’s stony catlike personality quite charming, and her pet rock is absolutely to die for. LOL))

PM: Just… wow. I’ve met some pretty autistic people in my life but you take the cake buddy.

[ME:((There’s cake! I didn’t know being callous meant I could have cake. Does it have sprinkles?))

PM: Good Job, ya pseudo intellectual.

ME: [In answer to your question,] No. Like Pokemon I see [Friendship is Magic] as a cultural phenomena. It’s not my problem you degrade social enterprise.

Considering the fact I wanted to change an irrelevant [topic] into something more constructive, I believe the change of subject was warranted. Either way it is still a conversation about me, isn’t it? What I have, and what I can do, shouldn’t be of any concern or interest to you [at the moment] unless you were planning to take unfair advantage form me you nasty little rouge. Even if 90% of what I wrote was irrelevant [to you] I did answer your initial question, even if you didn’t get what you expected or wanted.

Also, if I managed to make you laugh, for that was the intended goal, that means I have greater power and influence over you than you realize at the moment. [after all, a positive thought is a hundred time more powerful than a negative one.] Should this game run further I suspect I could make your life miserable. After all, I know how to split ((project)) my mental illness onto others as well. And, misery loves my company.

Oh, for the record, I’m not pseudo anything. Whether I’m a mythical norm or a human phenomenon, my identity isn’t formed or dictated by anyone outside my circle of influence. You might want to look into that, if left unchecked you could find yourself manipulated into committing suicide.

[ME:((Fun tip: if you carefully save fortune cookie fortunes, and take extra special care to preserve them actuaries, investigators, and detectives are less likely to believe you committed suicide, even if it looks like a suicide.))


PM: your interest in My Little Pony doesn’t seem to have anything to do with business or S#!7 like that, you just like it because your autistic like that and like colorful shows for little girls.

[ME((I’ll admit it is a colorful show… and hypnotic. I mean clearly they know the difference between periwinkle, cornflower, mustard, egg yolk, vermillion, cinnamon, and blood. Not only that, my initial assessment was that the show was total brainwash. Not to mention, I did became totally obsessed with it, after four years of avoiding it save reading fan comics on Deviant Art and Smackjeeves. And, on the up side the girls voices aren’t so pitchy they hurt my ear drums like some cartoons, and the show isn’t as irritating as I thought it would be after I got through the first season so there is that. Plus, I have the added benefit of hearing you sound like “Fluttershy” giving me a scolding like I was Angel Bunny in my head cannon. And, I‘ve been a very naughty rabbit. *** I would also like to apologize if that came off more creepy than funny, I know I shouldn‘t have explain being silly in the romantic “spank me” sense, but this one has beyond anthropomorphic levels of sick with visuals attached.))

PM: Honestly, You really believe you hold so much mental power over people you can make someone miserable through words?

[ME:((Yes. Yes, I do. Until you learn emotional distance or how to disassociate from parents, peers, managers, teachers, caretakers, administrators, and supervisors all of them have a tremendous influence over another person’s self concept and self confidence. Why shouldn’t I?

It‘s not really a power over others, so much as, it’s a power struggle between each other in a contest of wills. Like most people I can do all manner of things for the one that empowers me. And, it’s entirely possible Freud believed children weren‘t even capable of separating themselves cognitively from their mothers for the first three years of life. Based entirely on his conception that the Ophelia complex was resolved shortly after childbirth only because a woman‘s child represented her penis until that age… I think Freud was obsessed with male genitalia, he even believed a woman‘s nose represented a penis and that men would find women unattractive if they didn‘t have at least one…penis that is. So, in that sense everyone is a Dick and Octomom was really a tentacle monster.))

PM: Oh my god, the AUTISM. Next you’ll be saying you can turn super sayian and get a squad of professional military experts to murder me in front of my own computer screen.

[ME:((Listen flutter-bat, if I had that kind of money and influence I could think of better things to spend it on. I‘d be working in Hollywood as a professional something or other making low budget independent films, own fifteen cars, my own production studio, twelve houses, a no kill animal shelter, and have at least one masters degree. Also, I should probably mention Rainbow Dash totally rocks as a super sayain. ))


PM: You’re an unintentional barrel of laughs, man ! It’s not the wit you think you have that makes people laugh, it’s the total lack of self awareness. LOL

[ME:((Really, I thought it was Shadenfreude, my mastery of the humorless joke, and being trained to use cynical humor, irony, satire, and pessimism, as a counter conditioning response to anger that made people laugh. My God, what an impractical defense mechanism if I’ve had no control over it all this time. I can only imagine how much I come off as an avatar of chaotic evil. ))

ME: You’re right my interest [in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic] has nothing to do with business. I made a promise to someone that I would watch the show. I didn’t agree that I would do it right away, but I still agreed to do it because I believed it could help me build a better social relationship with them. That is my primary interest. Secondly, I see it as a test of strength. If you can withstand the torture and embarrassment as you complete the crucible, your ego strength will become harder than Damascus steel. [Or, Vegita, clearly the manliest of men in the universe. A real man who has no problem wearing pink, being called Baby, or going by the name Sea breeze.] Finally, the fact that a cartoon show is a form of reflective therapy aside, I actually happen to like high concept fantasy and science fiction.

I’ve never said I hold any special mental power over anyone. But, I do have training in journalism, and psychology, among other communication and structured learning. At the very least I have enough knowledge to be dangerous. Also as a student of ‘The Secret,’ Transactional Analysis, advertising ethics, public relations, race, gender, and media, I may not have a perfect memory, but I’m competent enough to know I have a better observing ego than you do.

I am amused, you think you’re self aware. How Ironic.

PM:I get the feeling you’re in denial about why you’re watching MLP. You keep coming up with these excuses and stories… but you really watch it because you have a severe case of autism and like colorful talking animals and/or wanna *&boink&* one of the cast. Giddi’yup horseF%$ker.

[ME:(( F%$K you too Flicka. Yee haw!))

PM: Also, you think your power level is over 9000 or some S#!7 like that, I got it. (It‘s a shame you can hardly form a coherent sentence to convey half that crap). Though , the most you can do to someone is get them to make you angry. It’s a common trait of autistics. Don’t worry, another trait of your people is that they engage in physical violence often, although you’d probably get in a sissy slap fight. And loose.

[ME:(( MY GOD! He Knows I’m Puerto Rican and have the cultural imperative to go berserk at the drop of a hat, while I torture myself by getting into loosing sissy slap fights, where I wind up in a frenzy hitting myself, and kicking my own ass. Oh No! being Puerto Rican also means I’m also a cultural thief, who bathes something like once a weekend, and Scootaloo is my personal pony avatar. Oh the fail, it is epic. It hurts me so bad.))


PM: And alas, you are in denial about being self aware and thus you are projecting it onto me. X-D

[ME: ((And yet, you still have three fingers pointed back at you. Go figure.))

ME: And, I get the feeling you’re in denial that you fall under the spectrum of autistic disorders [so much so] that you feel the need to project your fears onto me. Which is fine young satanic worshiper, I look forward to the day when I can cure autism and restore humanity to the multitude. Which, I sincerely doubt is something you aspire, much less do I believe you would pay lip service too. [(( in all fairness s/he did admit to worshiping Satan in a forum for a Sonic Future sprite comic. Just saying.))]

As for the next topic of contention, since I haven’t actually looked at MLP porn and have a general distaste, if not disgust, for anything lacking bipedal movement and meeting certain height, intelligence, age, and appearance requirements that would effectively eliminate livestock (but not necessarily bondage of anthropomorphic creatures or aliens with a higher percentage of human characteristics), you have no foundation [upon which] to found your argument.

Please quit communicating with me. You’re making me a better person. When you contact me I feel as if I’m playing with a puppy in a field of daisies. And, I really don’t wish to have any sentimental feelings for you. I’m glad you believe so highly of my power level. It warms my heart to know you cannot read power levels any better than a Chihuahua going after a person’s sock shortly before being kicked across the room.

My sentences are quite coherent, but they require you to actually read and process them from a place of genuine interest. All I can say about your conditional arguments is that they either affirm the consequent or assert the antecedent and your premises are faulty. Either way, you have a nasty confirmation bias that has no more basis in reality or quality than Pokemon.


PM: You seem like you look down on everybody (casue you have the autisms). You look like you have a very big ego.

Also are you actually going ‘bye bye’ like the song you autistically left or are you going to respond to this message, cause i know for a fact you are the type desperate to get the last word

ME: You use a naturalistic fallacy to justify your actions. I don’t look down on others, I rise above in accordance with my beliefs. I believe in equal justice under law, freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want of food and shelter, and freedom from fear obligation and guilt in response to blackmail emotional or otherwise. The rule for food and shelter is simple, No work No eat. Makes sense to me.

[It goes without saying] Of course my ego is big, I have fewer internal drives and desires to hide and my superego is geared towards customer service and a genuine interest and respect for humanity, if not authority.

I admit that you’ve pissed me off, and if I could reach through the screen and smack you around until you wake the *bleep* up I’d do it. In lieu of that however, I’m going to bless you so hard. I know God can have so much more fun teaching you the true nature of human vanity and the flaws of your just world hypothesis better than I. After all, the beauty of grace is that it makes life unfair. The only reason I insist on having the last word is because you came to me >>>FIRST<<< in order to show off your seeming lack of human sympathy. You also appear to lack competence, fellowship, and a fundemental knowledge of when to quit when you’re ahead. And, while I think it would do you good to learn how to fake empathy for the good of mankind , I honestly hope you’re receiving some form of psychiatric care. (Although, I honestly wouldn‘t mind if you were put through some form of remedial behavior modification program.) I’m afraid I cannot be your counselor or social worker at the moment, you’re just going to have to get your therapy somewhere else.

Good Bye
I will contact the moderators should you continue this farce. I can safely assume you’re treading on dangerously thin ice. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were flagged already. Just because I only get involved in an argument when provoked doesn’t mean I’m willing to put up with the braying of some arrogant jackass who can’t even tell they have three fingers pointed back at them.

May 16th, 2015, 6:01 am

Friendship is magic = **GROAN**

Ok, prior to April of this year I don't believe I saw more than 5 episodes of MLP Friendship is Magic and maybe 2 episodes of Disney's My Little Pony Tails. My initial impression of Friendship is Magic, was that it was a rip off of Azuimanga Daioh, that the creators had so much contempt for their audience that they practically used the characters to front load the idea the show was hegemonically brainwashing children, but that was OK because it was like a game, and was further staging (if not reinforcing) a caste system. Now that I've watched the first four seasons, and two movies, I've determined that the five episodes I saw in no particular order were the pilot, the winter wrap up, some Merriwether Williams episodes, the first Trixie episode, and Spike's greedy birthday episode.

In all honesty, the only episodes I really liked after watching the first four seasons were the Scootaloo camping episode, It's About Time (which was a meta-parody featuring a reference to a "Pinky and the Brain" comic book parody of Mad Max), and Filli Vanilli. On a related note, I also like the Friendship is Witchcraft parody series. In particular I enjoyed the soul sister episode, with sweetie bot, the Snow Blind Christmas special, and virtually all of the mentally advanced series featuring Thrackerzod. Sadly, I was somehow unable to locate the missing Snootie Snark Invader million hit music video, and just watched work your twerking and sinking ships like 9 times.

I didn't exactly watch the episodes blind as I already knew a majority of the main cast through fan comics and parodies like Friendship is Dragons or the IDW comics available online. I really do like the fandom and comics better than the series itself for one reason or another that I'm not willing to discuss a the moment. However, I have a better overall impression of the show than I did before. I now feel compelled to marathon Disney, WB, MTV, and Nickelodeon cartoons to restore my neural plasticity.




April 14th, 2015, 10:57 am

Trickster Tales Chapter Six: Rabbit and the Tug of War

Former American Olympic mascot Powder, a snowshoe hare known for his contribution to the 2002 winter games, was caught cheating in a test of strength against two Buffalo. He was later found at the nearby watering hole, sporting a lovely pair of kinky boots he borrowed from a deer friend, and commented that the wardrobe change was how he fooled them twice...

A third party, who wishes to remain anonymous, reported Powder as shouting "Fast as fast can be, they'll never catch me." while Yakety Sax played over the Jukebox. His boasting was cut short after he took a swing at the local tar baby for rude behavior among other imagined slights and transgressions. He is currently in recovery at the Mary Chase Correctional Institute in Elwood, CA. Harvey Wallbanger Reporting.

As fun as that little interlude was, the point of the story is that people like to make assumptions regardless of the number of times they were told not to judge a book by its cover. This has lead many to believe the lie that you can judge a person from the shoes they wear to the way they part their hair. But, the truth is, if you can look a person in the eye it shouldn't matter what you have on your feet. In fact, unless you are blessed with the inductive genius of Sherlock Holmes, the only reason anyone should ever look at you feet first would be if they were a servant of the lord intent on washing them in humility, not to pass judgement in ridicule or humiliation. I suspect the fetish people have with determining a person's class by what they wear on their feet, and not the expression of their face, began with David. In a song of deliverance David mentions how the Lord is his refuge, by virtue of manifest destiny and divine right, God essentially makes his way perfect and transforms him so as to adapt to his environment while putting him on a pedestal. Specifically, the scripture is 2 Samuel 22:33-34. And, I suspect people are looking for fall out boy levels of transformation, which is why everyone should wear stilts, skates, velcro, and furry fold over boots in order to give others something to really talk about. After all, if a theory is just a proposition used to validate a hypothesis (which in and of itself is a best guess using probable cause, facts, and available information); then it stands to reason guided interference would increase some measure of success. Unfortunately, if the guided interference is based on conjecture, deception, and false expectations or notions conceived, about the four fundamental forces nature (if not a person's ability to test reality) then your milage may vary.

Inductive reasoning is a part to whole assessment of just about anything using intuition, case studies, stereotypes, natural consequences, personal experiences, training, and to some degree conjecture. Compared to deductive reasoning, which is a whole to part thinking that involves removing everything that is improbable in favor of what's possible, with intuition all things are possible to an open mind. In other words, inductive reasoning is a progressive ideology that requires a level of out of the box thinking to identify there could be a refrigerator in the box; or effectively determine the proof of concept one needs to justify the belief throwing a starfish back into the ocean can make a big difference for 'the lucky ones' moments before the title wave hits. Alternatively, deduction is a pragmatic ideology that expects you to stick your head in the refrigerator's ice box, with Schrodinger's cat, until you can determine whether or not the shellfish are what's causing the odor problem or if it's the cat. Neither approach is necessarily wrong, but I'm going to assume the pragmatic approach is a necessary evil only when you've run out of options or tupperware. Alternatively, the progressive approach borders on magical thinking, because having a better foundation doesn't necessarily mean a better chance of success if the house is made of cards, even the big bad wolf knows that.

While reductionist thinking has it's drawbacks it is one aspect of problem solving. For instance, my mom likes telling a story of how 3m developed surgical or respirator masks. Apparently, there was a group of people in a room trying to figure out how they could sell more brasiers. Because, at the time, only 50% of the population were using them. It is also apparent there was a lot of competition in the market as the only way to make money was to create something new with the available resources or go bankrupt. Well, they all started playing with the ladies brasiers. One person wrapped it around his head like an otaku, while another probably saddled his ass, still another used the brasserie as a handbag, somebody probably used one as a slingshot. But, in the end, one of them cupped a brassiere over his mouth and 'Voila!.' Being natural engineers and inventors they realized they could sell a brassiere as an industrial tool. As protection from harmful, disgusting, noxious, or toxic particles in the air it was obvious more than half the population had a need for this adaptation of the boobie trap. Similarly, when Powder played 'a fist full of dollars' like a professor out of a Napoleon Hill story or a Samurai in a Kurosawa film, he had to find like minded individuals in opposition to each other. Friendly competitors and domestic rivals in competition with one another for the same resources often leads to creative uses of the available resources. It is just unfortunate that someone had to tie their tails together in order to help them realize they may have to work together or bite off more than they can chew.

The story of 'Rabbit and the Tug of War' would be served well if it was accompanied by the tale leading to the death of King Ahab in the bible, or with some other anecdotal explanation of how groups pull their resources together in order to come up with solutions for simple problems. When God authorized Lying, or at the very least permissible deception, as a solution to a problem he was having with a sadistically autocratic extortionist who was selfish, arrogant, and self absorbed; what we find demonstrated is a form of democratically structured _service oriented action planning_ proposed as a treatment plan for a potential cause or source of infection. According to Micaiah in 1 Kings 22 and 2 Chronicles 18, God was looking for a solution to the problem of removing King Ahab from his throne and his kingdom. And, when it was suggested that a lie would serve the situation well, God said 'Then go and do it, it will work.' The point of this story is that people work together, in concert with one another, to come up with solutions to problems that are better than the ones they can come up with on their own. And, in a similar vain, that's what the story of 'Rabbit and the Tug of War' is about. You can pull a leg once by yourself, but once somebody knows the trick to your game you need a friend to pull the other leg in order to get a fast one on Joey or play the spanish prisoner.

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