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"God is in the details." 
__Albert Einstein
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After almost being run over by a car the protagonist is transported to a dystopian alien world populated with talking dogs who took over the world...

The main character escapes confinement through deceit, hooks up with an ectomorph who can't read a map, narrowly escapes being shot at by a giant robot piloted by a guard, manages to hot-wire a futuristic general purpose vehicle (through the magic power of pulling keys out of his butt), travels through the desert with his companion until the car runs out of gas, meets a new companion, and is chased by a mutant rat creature with gingivitis after the jeep falls into a sinkhole.

And, that's just the first 25 pages, three of which involve nothing more than introducing a character disconnected from the world wearing late 90's grunge clothing, while listening to Malibootay on prehistoric headphones, and playing tiddlywinks.

Yes, I can see now how the plot moves too quickly, since I haven't bothered to improve anything on the comic since 2002 or 2003. While the backgrounds weren't detailed, I would have thought they were sufficient to give one a sense of place and time. I can see now that was wrong as the lack of detail and action makes for lazy readers.

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