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"Problems can only exist if they have your attention"--Michael Beckwith
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Take a Chance Page 5 Panel 1
One day, Meagan was going to tell Spanky of how she liked her teacher because she told them an interesting story...

Panel 2
*During arts & crafts Billy was staring at her again.

Panel 3
On this day, much as before, Meagan rushed to see her beloved Spanky

Panel 4
*Meagan's mother has taken a break from work, and used the opportunity to do some spring cleaning

Panel 5
Meagan stopped about six feet from the goldfish bowl.

Panel 6

Panel 7
Do goldfish sleep?

Panel 8
No honey, why do you ask?

*these meaningless and sexist pandelerium's were intended only to distract your eye from the goldfish. Granted, you have some clue with given use of the word beloved and the nature of goldfish in general.

Plus, not all people have the same motives they say they have. Her mother's goal could have been separate from the task at hand.

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